Overlapping Forms


I have two forms on the same screen both which display conditionally. I have both forms directly on top of each other however 1 form displays incorrectly as shown below.

Is this supported? Any workarounds for this? I think this may be a bug?


Are these custom forms?
This is doable in Adalo, make it a custom form group and let the button do the actions. I can’t say much from your screenshot bro :smile:

Yeah you can do two input fields then a button that executes 2 functions, the last function could be a link or whatever you want.

Thanks for the repsonse, and apologies for the poor screenshot haha. Let me try and explain whats happening.

I have two custom forms, Form 1 and Form 2.

Form 1 displays if a value in a collection = 3, Form 2 displays if the same value in the same collection <>3.

Form 1 displays only half on screen, however Form 2 displays fine (both screenshots shown below).
Form 2

Form 1

Thanks in advance!

Try to add both forms in a group, add a hollow rectangle on both sides or try just on the left side. Add this rectangle as a spacer meaning same background color then make the opacity 0. If that doesnt work to align it use an empty textfield as a spacer.

This things usually happen when you set an element to sometimes visible.

Thanks! I managed to get this working by having the forms in a line with one directly below the other and only sometimes making each visible.

Congrats man! It is a bit tricky to align stuffs that will sometimes appear as the elements that will always appear takes its place.

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