Overlapping text in chat

Hi all,

Still a novice with regard to Adalo; would appreciate some help with a chat feature.

How does one prevent the text from overlapping the text bubble in the chat (see attached image) when many words are used.

I have the text as multi-line and its grouped with the speech text bubble.

Hope that makes sense,

Hi @Roland,

Is your text label positioned inside the rectangle, without borders overlapping?


Hi Victor,

Yes it is (see attached).

Thank you for your assistance,

Hi @Roland,

You need also to check that the label is correctly positioned in the component tree. Here is the example based on Adalo’s chat template. When the label is not inside the rectangle

You will get the following result:

So in order to fix this, you need to put the label into the rectangle (Adalo will do this for you if you drag a label):

And after this the issue is fixed:

In your particular case the details may be different but the principle is the same.

Best regards, Victor.

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