OwlDeals built with Adalo and Airtable - Today's best deals and coupons

I like adalo! :partying_face:

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@cvray this looks great!

@cvray Nice! I thought we can’t create relationship fields between Adalo’s collections and external collections like Airtable. Do you have relationship fields like “Created Deals” in the Adalo’s “Users” collection? And do you have relationship fields like “Created by” in the Airtable’s “Deals” table?

Just want to learn how you was able to pull it off. Thanks!

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Can I ask you what you exactly use airtable for in this case?

So that I can have a single database powering my website’s content (webflow) as well. If not, I need to input and maintain the data in Adalo and Airtable at the same time.


ya i m having same problem please tell! and can we create even users data base on the airtable and connecting our application form there, because it will create problem when our users are more

I m having storage problem because on my platform users are sharing tons of photos and videos, if any one have solution please let me know


I tried to use airtable as database but I failed, although airtable works perfectly with Progressive Web App (PWA) us.owldeals.net
But the android app will crash if it try to get data via airtable’s API.

I cannot debug it, so I have to connect airtable and adalo via zapier…


So you keep your “Users” collection in Adalo? and “Deals” collection in Airtable? How can you create the “Submitted deals” relationship field in the Users collection and “Submitted by” relationship field in Deals collection when they are in different places?

Or you keep “Users” and “Deals” tables in both adalo and airtable? and just use zapier to keep both sides in sync?


It’s my idea, but it just does not work (“Users” collection in Adalo + “Deals” collection in Airtable)

  1. android app will crash if I get a deal list from airtable via API (it weird as it works with PWA);
  2. I tried to do it by matching user email but failed, here is my previous post.
    Query Parameter with Airtable
  3. I also tried to submit deals to airtable via “submit deal screen”, also failed, no data were sent to airtable.

I have to keep “Users” collection and “Deals” collection in adalo.

User can submit deals via adalo app, or via airtable’s form view (if user submit a deal via airtable, zapier will send data to adalo).

It’s stupid solution… but I have to do it…

Thanks for your clarification! I guess we share the same idea. Hopefully that approach will work in the future. It’s not stupid if it works! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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It looks great!

How did you get the back to top arrow and to sharing bar to appear and stick like that?