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Does anyone know how to basically do an if statement with user logins? Here is what I have going on:
All users (clients & Customers) are in the same collection. When any user signes up there is a true false in the collection (depending on what form they use) that marks them as true or false as a client and or customer. Then in the login system I have the “sometimes” action tied to the user and it looks to to see if that field is true or when they login. If it is true it sends them to one page if it is false sends them to another page?
Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Its not working

Nevermind, I actually figured it out. If anyone else has the same issue please let me know and I can walk you trough it. It simple

Hi @Lynk,

This has been extensively discussed on the forum. Long story short: do not use conditionals actions right after Log In or Sign Up action, as these conditional actions may work incorrectly. The reason is most probably some kind of “racing condition” - the next action may start to execute when Log In/Sign Up action isn’t yet finished, so there is not enough data for condition to work correctly.

If you would like to use conditionals in this case, make another screen and use them there. This is one of the examples:


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