Parent / Child / Transactions

Building a health-tracker app for parents of extremely sick children. The PARENT object in my app is related in 1-to-many fashion with a CHILD object. A PARENT can track many CHILDREN. There is a daily PROGRESS LOG for each CHILD. So, the CHILD has a 1-to-many relationship with PROGRESS_LOG.

QUESTION: The activity of selecting/specifying the child for each progress log in either an update/create scenario is annoying for users. Ideally, i would like to give parents the option to “Switch Child Profiles” in order to set an “Active” child in order to apply to the PROGRESS_LOG record when updated/created. I can’t seem to do that easily. I am able to update a global variable/property at the logged-in-user level, but i can’t apply that when the update/create form loads to the CHILD object. Further, i can’t seem to set an “Active” T/F flag on the CHILD, unless i can set all other children for that same parent to FALSE… which doesn’t seem easy, nor is there any “Else” logic option prevalent in the tool.

Any thoughts? Your help is very-much appreciated.

Thank you


Hi @magoo6617 ,

Please provide entity relationship diagram, your complete collections’ properties and how you set child’s properties.

If you are going for the expected use case, having spreadsheet as an example would be helpful.

Data model is very simple.

You can let user choose the parent from list and then inside the list link to another screen that show list of child, then you can set toggle in that list.

So screen 1, list of parent, screen 2, list of child, inside list of child use toggle.