Relational field not displaying as an option

I have a Form to create new Events.

I want to assign a Child to that Event (eg: Lilly is going to a Birthday Party).

Despite Children appearing a field in my Event Collection, it doesn’t appear as an option to add to my Form. It feels like I’m missing something simple but can’t find what it is.

I also have a page to display the Details of the Event.
I’d like to display which User created the Event but again, I don’t seem to have access to that Field/Collection when I’m on the Events page.

There are two ways to do this:

1- If you clock on “Add visible field” you can choose the “children” as a drop down menu, if this does not work, maybe try changing the relationship between children and event and try again.

2- Do not use a “form” template, and simply create your own. Use text fields and use dropdown menu for the user to choose the children.

As for the user that created the event, you can make a new relationship between the event and the users, call it event creator, and display it on the event details page if you want.

@herbshirt Currently, forms don’t support multi-select fields. As a work around, after the screen where you create the event you can add a custom list of children, with a toggle to set which ones are attending that event. Here’s a help article on adding toggles to lists:

Option 1 - I’d tried that but I get ‘Nothing available’
Option 2 - Makes sense but how do I tell Adalo that I’m referring to the Event Collection?

@Ben - Thankyou. I’ll give your suggestion a go but from a usability point of view its view its not something I’d want to stick with for a long term solution.

Hey @Ben - I stand corrected - that certainly is the best option. And it works. Thanks.
The user Creates the Event > button pushes to the next page where members are assigned.
I have filtered lists of Children and of Parents
The problem I’m having is when I try to choose a Title for the Parents name in my custom list.
I can’t figure out which option to choose to display the parents who are related to those Children.
Make sense?

I believe you would choose Current User > Name