Pass Input Date to Google Sheets

Hey guys, I am not a developer and looking for an easy solution to pass info that is inputed into fields on my app into Google Sheets. I dont see where this is an option and when I opted in for the free trial to access external connections, its asking for Auth setup and API URL.

Can someone help please? thanks

Hi @ryanb,

Something like this right? : Google Sheets - Create,Update and Delete.mp4 - Google Drive ( create a record on your sheet? )

This was requested from Charles and I’m on the process of creating a nice video for this and it will be available withing 1 or 2 weeks! ( I’m a noob at video editing :slightly_smiling_face: )

If this is what you need let me know and I will notify you here when I published it!

Thank you

Hey @dilon_perera , thanks for the video. I am looking for something very close to that but is there a way to make it so when they type in their value, its stays on the app side so when they come back they can see what the input is and change it? I am looking for it to be backend dashboard where they can fill all of the fields out with their answers and it will save it (as well as update the info into a Google Sheet) and then if they change any fields an re-save later, it will update those specific fields.

Hopefully that makes more sense. Please let me know when you release the video as I would like to have more insight on this. Thanks

Oh so there’s a screen that has some inputs with a button and once they enter the values and click on the button it updates your Adalo collection as well as that record on your sheet?


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Yep thats what I am looking for. Same setup as any social media page where users can input and update their info. Would you have an easy solution for this or are you going to discuss it in your video?

@ryanb, Correct?

Hey @dilon_perera , thanks so much for the video. Could you show me how you set it up inside Adalo? I am confused on how to set up the fields for the form so that it updates in the Google Sheet and functions like your video example. THanks Dilon

Hey @dilon_perera , would you be able to provide another video on how you set up the data base and how its tied to the excel sheet to update? This seems to be similar to what Im looking for, just need some help getting it set up. Thanks in advance for your help with this!

Hello @ryanb,

Yep! I’m working on it! I’ll share it here when it’s done!

Thank you

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Thanks Dilon, looking forward to your reply

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