Password Matching - Not working as predicted

Hello all, I am trying to restrict access to certain parts of my app unless users can “Authenticate” with their own password (kinda like sudo on *nix).

I have setup a password input that asks the user of Their Password -> then just check if this input matches the currently logged in users password -> if so proceed.

I have double/triple check the current users password but - the function is just not working!
Any Insights as to why this is NOT happening?


BTW if I select the Logged in Users password as the Default entry for the input, this works!
I guess its because the password is being hashed :nerd_face:

Will have to figure out another way tackle this - I guess :innocent:

Yes the password is being hashed.

You could set up a 2FA system using email and send a temporary code.

Hi @Colinthanks for the suggestion… might be a bit of overkill tho, as I just want and additional step to prevent users changing things too quickly.
I think just placing a “Warning” modal should do the trick for now :innocent: :+1:

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