Update logged in user not working?

Hiya guys, have a strange problem all of a sudden, I have setup when a user enters the home screen it updates a number field. Suddenly it has stopped working for me as the admin and I can’t for the life of me make it work anymore. Anyone ever come across this?

  • I checked the new Beta Permissions
  • I used both On User Enters Screen and the Countdown module
  • I tried to hardcode a number

And nothing is taking :frowning:

Hi @tbel :wave:

I added now and for me it’s working.

Hmm this is really odd. I wonder what’s up? I tried a test account and seemed to work there, but not on my existing one :thinking:

Log Out from that account and Login again and try

That did it! Thx! Wonder what that could be? Have to figure that out in case it happens to my users I can see that being frustrating.

I’m basically using it for versioning, so if the user is out of date it pushes a modal for them to update to the latest version

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Hmm. Not experienced a issue like this.

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