Paying that repeats after certain time

I need help with figuring out is there a way to do this. I’m working on a app when user need to pay to visit something, but payment depends on the time that he/she have spent on that window. Is that possible

Using PragmaFlow’s “Timer Action” component, you can do this.

You’ll need a number parameter for the user. We’ll call it “Time spent”

I’ll explain with an example. Let’s say we want to give access to this page for 2 minutes.
When a user pays, set the action to update the user’s “Time spent” number parameter to 0.

On the screen you want to track, drop in the timer action component and set the time between actions to 5000 milliseconds. Add an action to the timer to update the logged in user’s Time spent parameter to Logged-in Users > Time Spent + 5.

Then, we drop in a countdown timer and set it to 1 second. Set the visibility of the countdown timer to sometimes visible if logged-in user > time spent is greater than 120 (120 seconds = 2 minutes). Set the action to link back to the home screen or wherever they can no longer access the page.


Thank you very much,

This was very helpfull :smiley:

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