I want to pay for a component $$$

I want to know if someone can make a component thats a (true or false) variable that can tell when someone is on a specific page of the app or if not just on the app with their screen on. This is for my group chats so users don’t see notifications when their already on the page that the notification would send them to in the first place. Right now I have made a work around so that users don’t see notifications when their on the page and 1 minute after they close their phone or app

thank you,
Andy Miller

You can use pragmaflow set interval component it’s a component that triggers an action every (amount of milliseconds) you can use it to check if the logged in user is on the right screen and update a date and time property that you’ll be using to trigger the notifications or not
it’s the best way to do it, a component would do the same anyway

Here you will find several companies developing Adalo components PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit