Payments not by Stripe

Hey! I’m in Russia and I need to use other payment provider because Stripe doesn’t work here.
Could you please explain how I can connect my local payment provider to Adalo.

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We don’t currently have any component for other payment providers, but we are working on allowing 3rd parties to develop their own components which would allow for this.


It’s impossible to do by API connection somehow and webview with Zapier integration for example?

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You could in theory use external collections, store cc data in an Airtable base and use an asynchronous process to run the cc via another payment gateway. But then you’re storing your customers’ cc info in cleartext which you likely shouldn’t be doing.

Another option would be to generate an invoice and send them that after the fact but then you’re not collecting the cc online at the time of sale…

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Zapier have some integrations with XERO and Paypal is an option I see listed (in addition to Stripe).