PDF generator API for iOS

Hi there, has anyone else had the issue where their PDF app by PDF generator API isnt working in iOS? I have it working in my browser but when I go to click the button in the app, there is an infinite loading loop that JUST NEVER GOES AWAY :frowning:

There may be something I am missing, but I am following all the steps.

I have it calling the URL as instructed

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 6.52.03 pm

Hopefully,โ€‹ someone has some good insight.


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Thereโ€™s an Adalo tutorial for setting up PDF generation via Make(Integromat). I was able to successfully do it, you should look at that route.

pdf generator did the same thing to me on Apple. It doesnโ€™t work. I did a work around linked into a web link to generate the pdf.

Yeah I have just decided to use webhooks, Make and Twilio SMS.

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