Per user Youtube Url


I have a collection call “exercices” that is shared among a part of my users (coachs). I would like that for the same exercice, a different Youtube Url is played to the client based on who the coach is (basically a coach can put his own youtube url for an exercice). Do you think it is possible as there are no filters possible with the youtube player?

Hi @batouuu !! :wave: :wave:

Add the youtube player and then make a list . then you can add filters.

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Hi dilon_perera,

Thank you for the reply. I did not understand , do i make the list in the same screen? how does the youtube player then play de right url ?

thank you

No @batouuu you said you want to add a filter for the YouTube player. So add a YouTube player and then make a list and then add the filter you want .

Thank you. :blush::blush:

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