Performance Query

Hi all

I have currently noticed a few actions on my previewer where it can take 4/5 seconds for the Link to another screen to go through.

I do have several other actions before the Link which are Create Conversation, Add Conversation Members and one to Update each User with a property.

Couple of questions on this;

  1. Does the speed improve on the paid plan? We will soon need to upgrade to the 5gb plan
  2. Are there any known improvements being made by Adalo which can be shared with us? I recall reading another thread which mentioned Adalo are working on performance this quarter…
  3. Is the previewer generally slower than a proper built mobile app?


PS very much enjoying development on Adalo and appreciate all of the ongoing work by the team !


  1. We do not throttle any apps on the free plan, so upgrading will not improve performance.
  2. We are working on all aspects of performance and stability. It is a major project that will likely be running throughout the rest of 2020 and moving in to 2021. We will be publishing updates as of when they are ready so the performance improvements will be gradual over the coming months.
  3. Yes. Native apps are rendered much quicker!
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Great, thanks for the quick response!

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