Speed of Mobile App - Free (Preview) Vs Pro Plan (Deployed)

Hi there. I am currently working on a mobile application that allows me to take order for my restaurant. The speed of the app during preview is lackluster, to say the least.

I am wondering if the speed of the application will be much better once it has gone live? Or does it have anything to do with me using a free version of Adalo, and that it will get better once I upgrade to Pro Plan?

It is much appreciated if the community could help me out with this.

Thank you very much guys!!

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We haven’t noticed any performance differences between free and paid - perhaps the Adalo team can comment?

Hmmm, the 1 or 2 second lag upon input still persists.

Thanks for the reply though. Will write in to Adalo team.


I thinks you go with paid version. Because the paid version will always better than free version. Once you have to take paid version .Your site automatically speed up through which your app doesn’t lack not anymore.