Will performance increase when switching to paid plan?

Hi there, I am new to Adalo and have build my first working app now in the free version. The experience was really good until I realized the very slow reaction in the previewer. It takes way too long for the action to happen after pressing a button. So that even I, who knows that it is slow now, sometimes press again since I think it didn’t realized the click and this breaks my logic…

My App is very small, only 7 pages, with two small lists and a couple of actions. But since I want to use the webview function, instead of bringing it into the app store for the near future, I am now really concerned about the speed.

Can someone tell me if there is a significant speed improvement when switching to the premium plan?

Hi Julien,

To summarize: technically yes.

Basically when you signup for a paid plan, you have the ability to publish to the Google play store and Apple App Store. (keep in mind you need to pay $99 USD each year for an Apple developer account and $25 USD ONE TIME fee for Google play store dev account)

After publishing to the app stores iOS in testing (TestFlight/Google play testing) the apps are usually faster than PWA.

If you want to test an Adalo app that’s in the app stores, I would check out @ProU’s app. (Link below)

Hi @James_App_Maker,
many thanks for the very quick response.
I have tried the app you mentioned and think the speed is very acceptable.

However, since I planned to stick to PWA for the first weeks, can I read from your answer that their is no faster resources available to premium plan for the app to run on the preview?

Which means I should bring it into the appstore already for the first beta users (and make the test users update the app at the app store about every day?

Thanks for your help!

Hiya question, are you running your app from a browser or scanned the code to your phone or other device?

You can drop your native build in test mode for Android and iOS before the “final release”, to check if everything is in order like i do. Answering your question yes i pay the pro plan since one year or so, and native builds are much more faster and smoother than PWA, although you need a lot of patience and is a bit more tricky to place everything in the right way compared to PWA

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