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Hello, I finally finished my gym application, I wanted to know if it would affect the performance of the application a lot if the database has 500 registered users and 500 rows of 5 columns? Do you think it will work badly? Will the speed change if I post it in stores?

Have the same question as I recently published mine, but that depends on some factors is my guess.

  • Will you have 500 concurrent users interacting?
  • Is the app Native or PWA?
  • Do you have a lot of Collections with Many <> Many relationships?
  • Do you use a lot of Custom Lists?

They’re many factors but as of right now mine runs very quickly, but I haven’t had dozens of concurrent users yet.

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Hello, the application is PWA but I intend to launch it in the application stores, the number of users who use it simultaneously, will vary but I do not think it will exceed 50, the database consists of a maximum of 4 relationships, I also use 2 custom lists and the application has a total of 25 screens.

Oh you should be good then, Native is better obviously but yeah I have way more in my app than that atm :slight_smile:

that information is not enough to give predictions about the app’s performance. It has a lot to do with how you set everything up and what you have in each screen; the number and types of actions each button has to do; the amount of lists; lazy loading; auto-refresh, etc.
Check out this post for useful info: Do’s and Don’ts for app speed