Will my Adalo app bog or slow down if

Should I be concerned about loading speed because I have one screen that will have:

  • hundreds of product images (approx 80px x 80px per image)

  • approximate 8 conditional visibilities set. They filter the products based on color.

Will Adalo handle this? (without Xano, without a lot of waiting)

Based on your experience, what should I expect performance wise?

Note: I have Youtubed this. I only know of conditional visibility performance warnings. I don’t know how current this issue is / if it has been improved. Thanks.

From personal experience, this is very bad, and the app will be very slow and maybe unusable, 2 visibility condition is the best, 3 is ok.

Hundreds of products per list is fair too, but should be paginations (load as your scroll).

Even if you move to Xano, things might be worst using such filtering or visibility rules

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Is paginations (kinda know what you are talking about. not familiar with it) an option to be selected in the editor?

The only work around I can think of, with my limited experience, would be to ADD a screen prior to the gallery…make relation between each color and the products with that color. This would eliminate visibility conditions… and only 40-100 product images per screen. sound right?

Any other options I should consider? or, is t a build, test, and if it sucks, I’m outta luck… kinda thing?

Thank you very much for sharing your experience… saved me some work / frustration… I’m sure.