Personal trainer app MVP with location based settings

Hi everyone,

For months I’ve been looking for a developer to build this app for me. I’m wondering if these features are possible in Adalo. I want to create a booking app where personal trainers and people looking to train can sign up, make bookings, send requests, and only pay within the app after acceptance, with payments processed through Stripe. Personal trainers should be able to enter their location, which is then updated in the background so that other users can easily book based on location. Since it’s an MVP, it should be kept as simple as possible. Additionally, if feasible but not currently essential, a chat function, and what is important is having settings to change your profile/address/password and receive emails. If it is possible to implement a live tracker feature where you can track the personal trainer all the way to your house, that would be great.

I am curious about the following aspects regarding app development: the estimated time it takes to develop such an app, whether it is technically feasible, the potential cost implications once you have around 50,000 active users per month, whether it would be wiser to have it built natively or in Flutter, and how updates and outages would be handled.

Assume that the design is already completed and that it only needs to be developed.

I look forward to receiving responses.

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Hi Peter,
This should all definitely be possible within Adalo. For speed of dev you can’t go wrong with using Adalo for this especially since designs exist.
It is important to note that some designs might need to be changed to align with Adalo best practice and ensure optimised app experience.

I would be more than happy to help out.

I’m curious about the costs of having it built and which package I should choose from Adalo. However, I’m also interested in what happens if your app experiences rapid growth and what costs that entails compared to a native or Flutter app. I understand that a Flutter app can be more expensive than using Adalo. However, if the cost per click is even higher, then it doesn’t make much sense.

Hi @Peter1 ,

I have messaged you privately. Please check it out