Petition for Adalo: Let us know when something changes that may cause our apps issues

It has become common to have sudden bugs in our apps and we have no information on what can be causing them only to some days later be told by Adalo support that “they moved something in that component” or “they change the way some core part works” and you need to recreate that part of your app or “redo” the actions of that component and send new builds.

Please Adalo devs, this is a terrible practice and makes our users hate us because suddenly things stop working and we have no answers. Including the issue that support sometimes takes over 2 days to reply or even in some cases weeks.

My suggestion: if you can’t avoid affecting the apps that currently work well, let us know in the changelog even about those small changes so we don’t have to be chasing wild guesses about what the hell just happened.

Much love. :pray: