Image Cropper/Resizer

Hey! Does anyone know any good Image Resizer/Croppers similar to the style of social media profile picture Resizers? I’ve looked at Adalify and although you can crop it’s not really what I’m looking for because you still have to click on an edit button.

Dear @Boglex,

Indeed it is a big appreciation that you share the link to the video I’ve created about a year ago.

However, I do not think that it is a good practice to pretend that you are the author of this video.

And as I see you simply took part of my post from Nov’21 and copied it, pretending you are the author:

@jessehaywood may I please ask you to make a decision here?


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Hi @Victor, good to see you! We deleted our answer, you may be happy now. However, the purpose of our answer was to help this guy, not to pretend that we are the authors.

Hi @gdiz ,
As far as I know, there is not a specific API that formats the exact same way as social media.

Best is to go for options like @Victor proposes and/or similar APIs that allow to choose the resizing and adjust those dimensions to the Social Media ones.

An exact below, besides the Imgix proposed by Victor.