Pick and choose endpoints when adding external collection

Is there a way, when building an external collection, to essentially remove or skip endpoints? For example, an API I’m calling only supports GET, so every time Adalo tries to use a POST, it fails, and I can’t add the collection. Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything. Thanks!

Adalo’s collections always take GET as main method, you might be doing changes and changing it to post

@njimmy10 do you mind explaining that a bit more? I am facing the same issue. My REST API only required a POST, so all the other methods don’t make sense to me.

I have been unsuccessful in importing my external API collection so far. @ChrisColeman do let me know if you found a way out!


When you create an external collection, adalo always take GET as main method.

Then in the next step, you can change that, you’ll have a list of all the actions that will be done, go to the first one and change it to POST then run the test

Hey @njimmy10 - that makes sense. Should I be changing all the endpoints to POST given my API is POST only?

Or can I leave the remaining empty?

Also, I need to add the remaining queries to the base API URL - for which method should I do that? My entire POST endpoint is - https://excel.app.sparklite.io/cc4a8d38-557a-4168-aff3-24636fd47fa0/api/v3/public/9447befa-7c2a-48df-8492-c8c5ebcbf3bf