Please give me ideas for this

If you press the “○” button, a question will be sent to all followers. If you press the “Send” button, the question will be sent only to specific people.

Is there a simple way / procedure to implement this feature?

If the user presses the ‘o’ you’ll need an action to send to all recipients. If they click the arrow, send them to a screen to select users they want to send the message to.

A good way to do that would be a list filtered to the available participants and toggles to add/remove users from the message.

Note: depending how the app works, you’ll probably have an issue with the “send to all” function. Look into the bulk action threads on the forum for how to do this with a timer.


@Erik Thank you so much for teaching me🙏 Really helpful…

I think I should make a list when users create a content, but how do I add the all followers to the list?
I cant add only Logged in User, not only on one to many but also many to many.
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I think this could be the “list” that you say, but Im not sure how I use it next……

Hi @Yuki.O,

Erik has mentioned the better option :

Other way to do this is with a list and a timer as also Erik mentioned!

Victor is the founder of that trick as far as I’m aware :

( You can find more videos that Victor did for this method )

And Mario also did a video :

Thank you

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Im done!!! Thank you so much @dilon_perera :joy:
I really appreciate it.

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