Point system for my app

i need my users to earn points on every order they purchase from the app made for autoparts.I want to create an app in such a way that everytime a customer purchases something from the app they receive certain points and also i want to know how to redeem them.

Hey @kanakarya,

This kind of app can be created on Adalo. The implementation will depend based on more detailed requirements.
You can start creating this app on your own or hire someone (Find Freelance Adalo Designers, Developers, & Agencies) to help.

Best regards, Victor.

Can you please explain step-by-step. It would be really helpful!

Ok, here are the steps:

  1. Define general business logic for the app, including the logic of points redemption.
  2. List user stories and scenarios, so that user behaviour is known.
  3. Create data structure - database collections and relationships between them.
  4. Create screens in the app with all necessary components.
  5. Implement logic on the screens, connect them to the database.
  6. Test and publish.

Speaking seriously, creating the first MVP version of such app may take any time from several workdays to workweeks (depending on details, business logic, requirements, etc etc etc). You can have 10 screens or 50 screens, depending on what you need.

I would advise start reading Adalo Help documentation and courses on Adalo App Academy. There are some courses which cover creating ecommerce apps. After that you can start creating your app and may have more concrete questions.


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