I need to make loyalty app

I need to make an app as loyalty points wallet.

I need to know if it is doable with the system? And how much will it cost if some one can help do it?

The idea is:

  • When customers earn points when purchase from multi stores.
  • Stores can have multiple rewards.
  • Customer can choose which rewards to spend points on.
  • When custom redeem a reward, its points subtracted from his overall points.
  • Each store supervisor can moderate his store points and rewards (view analytics, add/edit/delete employees to validate points and rewards, …).
  • App admin can have percentage of validated points values and redeemed rewards values.
  • App admin can add/edit/delete stores and rewards for each store.

Validation of points:

  • when customers first signed up in app, the app auto generate a QRCODE for each customer.
  • App admin or store supervisor can assign employees to store.
  • Store employees can validate points and redeem rewards for customers by scanning customers qrcode.

Hi @mero_rose ,

Certainly is possible,

I built a leaderboard tracker app for restaurants, each restaurants can create their own campaign and customers that win can redeem it. Validated it by scanning QR code by restaurant’s staff.

Adalo make it easy to have multi sided apps, both for mobile and desktop screens.

If you are interested, we can work together, you can let me know how to reach you any further.


Please share with me a test of your app to see if it is what I need

Shared through private message.

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