Positioning... why does it not work


One Image is layout, the other is pwa… WHY?
When I remove the text fields, the box sizes are equal. I tried everyhing. Grouping… non overlapping… its frustrating.

I can live with the strange space under the “200” but why is the box not same size?

Have you tried reducing the text size and making the text box smaller than the rectangle?

Yes tried nearly all possible senarios.

I imagine the text box is stretching the box. Things that spring to mind:

  • using text box inside the other square (even if the text color is equal to the box so it’s not visible) - to balance it out
  • using images instead of building these boxes manually.
  • setting both of these boxes inside another rectangle. Both boxes snapped above the bottom of the rectangle, and snapped to each side of the rectangle. Then even if the text stretches one of the boxes, it might stretch the whole rectangle, which in turn will stretch the other box.

Some ideas to play with.

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Thank you I will try around.

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