Text box width and height problems

I am making a social app where you can post, in the post text box, when you create a post and write too much stuff it runs of the screen.

Could anyone help?

Have you tried deleting and re-adding the text box? I’ve had a few layout problems with text fields and most of the time a big of deleting, re-adding and moving around has solved the issue. You’ve probably already tried this but just in case :wink:

I’ve tried that, i actually deleted my app and restarted it but it still didn’t work.

Have you tried adding a transparent rectangle behind the left side of the text box? This can also resolve some layout problems.

If not hopefully someone else has some better ideas

Is this text field grouped with the background rectangle component?

What would the transperant rectangle do?

What is this rectangle thing?

In your screenshot, there is a rectangle component that is used as the background of this post card. Group That with the text field.

Hi @XaverRavr ,

It need a space, literal space character.

Hi @ben1 ,

I happened to have the app’s clone, when I put a space between those characters, it becomes like this.

So in the real use case, the text will have spaces, so it can go to the next line.

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