Possible for a default profile image?

Is it possible to have a generic default profile picture?

Here’s how I want this to work:

  1. User signs up.
  2. When they login there’s a default profile pic.
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This might be possible with Zapier using a Zap that triggers on a new user record that then has an action to update that same record.

I appreciate the mention of Zapier, although popular, I’m not a fan of having to continuously use 3rd party solutions to solve a rather simple problem. Let’s put this on the list of features. Should be rather simple to implement.

This is what I did with my app: Anytime there is a field where a profile picture should be, indicate to “show a placeholder image” when there is no image. So your default profile pic would show up even though there is no image in the databse


@ibrahim.i, that’s an excellent idea. I like the simplicity of the solution and for this particular case would work.

Back to the original question, even if there was 100 random profile characters (think gravatars / avatars), a new user would be given one, unless they chose to update their profile pic.

I think you could probably hack this very simply (though I haven’t tested) - create a collection item of avatars with 3 fields - Title, count and image. Upload a new image for each avatar. Do as many as you want. 100 might be a bit much! The title is irrelevant; call them what you want.

NB - I don’t think this will work for a pre-built sign up form, you’ll have to use a custom one. Pre-built ones don’t like being in lists and tend to throw errors with required fields (even if they are filled in).

Place your sign-up button in a list of avatars, showing only the first one, sorted by last modified. When your user ‘signs up’, add a conditional action to set their profile image to current avatar’s image only if the user hasn’t chosen one. Add another action to set the ‘count’ to (Magic Formula) current avatar’s count +1. This will increment up slowly, and mean that this avatar now goes to the bottom of the list (because you just modified it).

The next user that doesn’t provide a profile image will get the next avatar.

If you want this as a default (ie, you will assign the image every time and ask the user for their profile image later), you can ignore the conditionality of the actions and just do it every time.

This also has the benefit of allowing you to choose your own avatars to suit your UI, rather than being stuck with whatever Adalo chooses (not to knock their design choices at all, but if they did implement this the avatars would be a static choice).

See https://thenounproject.com/ for avatars you can download in any colour…

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