Is it possible to make a sales monitoring table in adalo?

Hey guys,
I’m using adalo to build an app for my business in which I want to put a sales chart - full salary table I made in excel that contains - dates, location, daily sales, commission, etc…
The excel table I built have many formulas and on top of that I feel clueless where to even start and make something like that.
I want the users (the employees) to have in the sales page an option to update their date of today, location they worked in and the daily sales - which will be updating their current quota table and to add a viewing of the current quota table + an option to see previous quota’s tables (quota = 2 weeks).
Like I said I feel clueless where even to start in building something like that, if adalo is the right platform for that, what something like that requires and how to do it.
I would love some incites from people with some more experience in adalo and apps making in generaly.
Thank you in advance.

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