Preselecting Dropdown option

Howdy! I’m trying to figure out how to preselect a dropdown option for a user. I’ve filtered the option to only show 1 option, but the user has to select it. Is there a way to have the option preselected and not have it shown on the page? The user doesn’t need to interact with it and I’d rather now have it shown. Thanks!

Hi @_jterrell,

You can do something like this after Signup or inside Signup using custom form.

  • After Signup

You need a relationship property between the users collection and the options collection. Then you can link the user to another screen after Signup ( add a link action on the Signup form ) and add a countdown there and make the countdown as a list clicking the three dots > make list and connect that to the collection that stored the options and inside the countdown you can add a Update Logged in user action in the countdown finished actions that add the current option to the logged in user created relationship property.

And for the drop-down you can add the default value as Logged in user’s > option ( relationship property )

  • Inside Signup with a custom form.

Same as above but instead of the countdown you need to make the button as a list and do the same thing!

Thank you


Howdy @dilon_perera Good to e-see you again. =)

Oh wow, so it’s a big process. I’ll give it a try. Thx!!

So I noticed something. Sometimes the option is selected and other times it isn’t.

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