Dropdown Menu On Signup Page

Below, I am trying to create a dropdown menu within the Sign Up Page:

I created a database for Line of Credit and another for Users. I gave them a relationship, which I thought would give me a dropdown menu since the database is linked as one user can have several lines of credit.

I am trying to get it to look like this before the user signs up:

But that is just a dropdown component on a blank screen. Has anyone been able to do this themselves during the signup process?
Since the line of credit for the user is needed at signup, is this possible?
The only other workaround I can think of is to make a secondary screen after the signup screen that includes the dropdown for line of credit and then signs the user up. But then the user could bypass that.

Hi Austin,

Is this the Form component or a custom form?

If it is a form I think you need to select the 2nd option on creating the relationship between Line of credits and Users

If it is a custom form you can keep this relationship and in your button signup action you can add Other Components>Drop down name> Selected line of credit to that relationship property.

Thank you

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That was it, thank you!

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