Prevent users from using app on tablets


I need to prevent users from using my application on tablets when published on stores, only on smartphones. How can I do that with Adalo?

Hi @Ela,

Not sure you can directly set this rule in Adalo’s settings but the good news is that you can set this with the store.

I haven’t yet tried this myself and would love to hear some feedback from the community :blush:

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Thank you! and do you know if it’s possible to restrict compatible devices it in the Apple App Store?

Well looking at the developer documentation it’s definitely possible :point_down:

But I can’t seem to find a more “simpler” way like the above Google method.

I’m sure somebody from the community who has already implemented this will reach out to confirm if this is the right IOS method or not.

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Thank you ! I’ll try in a few hours :slight_smile:

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