Store files locally

I would like to upload files from tge user and store it on the adroid /apple phone’s internal storage to a specific folder.
Us it possible

Hi @mpapali,

Unfortunately this is not possible with built-in Adalo features and components.

Maybe such feature could be implemented in a custom component.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks Victor.
Can I publish my app in Google play store? Do I have to have a paid ac for this?

Hey @mpapali,

Yes, you can publish apps to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. At this moment you will need a Professional plan for this, please see here: Plans & Pricing | Adalo


Thanks Victor,
But is it possible to run the app on my Android phone other than the emulator. I would like to test run on my android phone before I put it out in the Play store.

Hi @mpapali,

There is a “Internal Test Track” in Playstore Console, so you can create a release in this track, add testers (including yourself), send a link (there is a testing link) to testers. You can then download this app to your Android phone from the Playstore using this link. You don’t have to publish it.

There is no standard way to download the app to your phone without putting it to PlayStore (again: you don’t have to publish it - use Internal Testing Track).
Maybe you can try to extract .apk from .aab, however this requires some extra efforts.


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