Preview button error

My preview button doesn’t work. Any ideas? Thanks!

There are currently issues with the servers being overloaded or else, the team at Adalo is aware and currently on the fix.

As stated by devops, we had some server issues. This is resolved now. Please let me know if you still experience any problems moving forward.

Thanks for this CoIlin. I have just tested and the preview button works but is going to the wrong screen? It is directed to the home screen rather than the login screen as there is no user data (i deleted all records in the database earlier to test the process from scratch)

sorry, just to add to the above, the logout button doesn’t work either so I am super stuck as I can’t test and can’t move on without testing :frowning:

Can you post a screenshot of your your screens and of the logout button actions.

so sorry, but I would really rather not make that public. When I click the logout button, it goes to the login screen (the screen I have nominated as the landing screen) but only momentarily, then reverts to my home screen again.

It is hard to help without seeing how you have set it up.

It sounds as though you have a screen level action set on the login screen which is linking to the home screen.

OMG YOU WERE RIGHT!!! I had an action on the entire screen to link to the home page. THANKS SO MUCH! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

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