Android App Bundle Key

I previously had an Android app uploaded live in the play store that was not made with Adalo.

I’m now trying to upload my new Adalo app onto the store. I intend for the new version to be a new release to replace the old version.

The error I get from Google play store is about the App Bundle being signed with the wrong key. The old app had a completely different key to the new one.

Can I change the Adalo app so that it has the same key as the previous app? Or do I just have to remove the old app entirely and create a new app on the store.

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Ye. @ben1 helped me with this. All worked a treat. You will need these 3 things from your (old android app)

  • Keystore Alias
  • Keystore password
  • Current Android Version Code.

The keystore file will be a .jks or .keystore file type.

I had the same problem Coming off Expo/React Native to Adalo, Ben1 had it sorted the same day.

You should submit a support ticket with the above

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