***urgent*** weird issue with functions when used with conditional actions

Hello all
my app is not working since few hours and I found that there is a weird issue with actions
if you have an action that runs “sometimes” based on any function like count or max, this action is not working if you are not using any function anywhere else in the screen

like in this screenshot, button is supposed to go to page 2 based on “days” collection count if it equals to 7, the action wont be fired unless I use any other function on the screen, so I have added a text below to use COUNT function on different collection, now the button is working, but if I remove the text below, the button will stop working!!!

it is like the functions are not called or loaded to be used with actions unless it got called somewhere else on the screen

it does not matter which collection or which function I am using, so strange!

my published app is working for long time and just stopped few hours ago, and after investigation
I found the above and replicated the issue on different app and it behaves the same

I have opened a ticket already but wondering if any body else is facing anything similar?

@Adalo_CXTeam please your help here, it is for sure a platform wide issue

We’re happy to say that this has been fixed, and it’s back up and running! Thanks for your patience while we worked on it. Let us know if you have any more issues

wow that was fast, yes it is working now, thanks to Adalo’s amazing team, appreciate it :heart_eyes:

@Adalo_CXTeam issue is coming back! please help

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