Problem with emails and passwords

I have two applications using two different databases. There are the same users (with the same email and the same password) in the two databases. I’ve just noticed that users couldn’t login (message from saying “Email ou mot de passe invalide”) and I don’t know why. Do you have any explanations ?
Thanks for your help.

Hello Alain,
Can your users connect to any of the two apps ?
Is your database external to Adalo ?

Hello Pierre-François,
Yes, the users can connect to any of the two apps. The two databases are internal to Adalo.

How did you create your users ?

The users are my students. Il created all emails and passwords directly in each database (import from excel).

Ok this might be the issue.
Try creating a new user either directly from the User collection or through a from to create a new account if you created one. Let me know if this user is able to connect to the preview.

I created a user from the users collection in each database (with same email and same password). This user can login in each app without any problem.

So I guess the issue is then coming from the import. Might be an issue with the password field.
Best option would be to recreate manually the users directly from the Adalo database if there are not too many. Otherwise you could import your excel to another database software like Airtable and manke an external collection for your app.

Ok. Thank you very much for your help.

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I would avoid two separate apps with separate databases and instead have 2 apps sharing the same database.

I too suspect the password has not been imported properly during CSV upload.

Check permissions on your user table/s. You could allow password edit to all users temporarily and try the import again.

You could use the Adalo Collections API to add each user, or update existing users and their password. It all depends on the number of users you need to update.

I was not aware that airtable could be used for external users, it was my understanding that Xano was the only option for an external users table now.

Let us know what works for you. Good luck

Thank you Rozza.

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