Problem with filtering list of users - need help with complex filter

Hi guys! I am stuck with filtering lists… and I need a fresh look from someone…

What I tried to make:

A list of doctors, that can be filtered using different parameters (multiselect dropdowns and toggles).
I have created a collection called Search Filter and made relationships with other collections and Users collection (they were created for multidropdowns to display different values)

But I have made an error somwhere and I don’t know in which type of relashionship…

If someone could take a look I would be very thankful!

I made clonable app

So far I made it the way it works only with Pediatrician Doctor Type and I have added 1 user - Pediatrician Doctor. It all works fine until Setting Menu Screen where I have a bunch of filters. After Settings Menu There is a link to Screen that should display filtered list… But seems that I have errors somewhere in relashionships…

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