Problem with filtering lists... I need your help so much!

Hi guys! I am stuck with filtering lists… and I need a fresh look from someone…

What I tried to make:

A list of doctors, that can be filtered using different parameters (multiselect dropdowns and toggles).
I have created a collection called Search Filter and made relationships with other collections and Users collection (they were created for multidropdowns to display different values)

But I have made an error somwhere and I don’t know in which type of relashionship…

If someone could take a look I would be very thankful!

I made clonable app

I have created a doc, set all the info about that doc to test filtering
All the filtering with problems happens on screen called Settings Menu

Oh also it only works with Pediatrician type od Doc’s, so far I have made only that part and added 1 Pediatrician doctor to ussers database

Hi Eric,

I don’t think there is any need for extra collections. You should just be able to filter the list from the dropdowns and toggles from the list component.

If that doesn’t work, try using inputs to update the filter parameters.