Problem with magic text

Hello, I have another question about a problem with the database. I am trying to create a mobile application for table reservations.
I have a collection named “dishes” which references dishes with several properties and a collection of “restaurant”. The problem is that when I try to add “magic text”, for example to indicate the address of the restaurant in a “text” with the property “restaurant address”, it is not displayed in the options and only displays “Count” for the “restaurant” collection. Can you enlighten me on what I could have done wrong? (see screenshots)

: I used this as an example

Thank you very much

Hi @greenfork,

In your first screenshot the “Copy This” screen is the home screen. ( Identified by the home icon displayed on the top of the screen with the screen name. You can change that by selecting the screen and changing it to a normal screen from the dropdown ) Does that screen has to be the home screen? Because the home screen doesn’t contains any data.

Thank you

Thanks for your response
I tried what you said and it didn’t worked.
I found the solution

If that issue appears after making that screen a normal screen then the data might be missing! ( Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Not Available On a Screen - YouTube , Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Missing From Screen, Data Loops and Flow Breaks - YouTube )

What’s the solution? Would you like to share with us?

Hello, the problem is that you’re selecting the “Restaurants” collection in the magic text. In order to show the Restaurant address, Please select (Current Restaurant => Full Address).

Thank you!