Newb - Property not showing up in Magic Text when I browse a collection - why?

I’ve added a collection and a property to it called “AmountNameText”. Like this:

Next I want to add it to a Label by Magic Text, but AmountNameText is not showing up as an option to add. Why?


The property does have a value:


Your label is on a list ?

Because generally you need a list for showing collection data.


You need to link data to this page ( if previsously you have a list of collection’s page )

My Label is not a list.
The second issue you highlighted I think is the issue. I don’t think I somehow linked this Collection to this Screen.
I’m trying to figure how do actually do that now. :expressionless:

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Simply easy, just check out these screenshot I maked for you :slight_smile:

First, you need in a page a collection list with link to another screen ( whre you want your data show )

After that, in your screen you want to show the data, add your text and use Magix Text.

Just don’t forget to link your collection’s list to a screen. All data will be automatically transfered when user click on a list item. And the correct data will show in your second screen

But the property I want to show up (my_app_vars → AmountNameText), is not available on the Home page. The page that is first shown when the app is previewed.
My_App_Vars is not available on this Home page.
How do I make my_app_vars collection usable on the home page?

@devrimdmk Edit: Oh wait, if I create a relationship between Logged-in-user and my_app_vars, then I can access my_app_vars properties, through Logged-in-user.
(Although I can’t access my_app_vars properties directly on my home screen.)

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Have you before created a list before ?

You need absolutely create a list before showing data.

Otherwise you can only show Login-user data

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Ah, Ok… I didn’t create a list of my_app_vars before since this is the home screen.
I see you’ve written that I can only access logged-in-user properties, or my_app_vars through logged-in-user relationship.
thanks :+1:

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