Problem with swipe back feature

Hi there! I have a problem with the “swipe back” feature when I test the app on an iPhone or Samsung. I have 4 bottom tabs, with the 4th one being “My Profile”. There, the user can see (and change) their name and profile picture, and they can also log out from there through a small icon in the top bar. When that icon is clicked, I’ve set the actions to

  1. Log the user out
  2. Re-direct to the main Login screen

However, when I accidentally swiped back once from the right edge of the screen leftwards, it took me back to the “My Profile” screen, but this time, since the user had already logged out, the data apparent on this screen (such as Full Name and Profile Pic) is empty.

The thing is that I don’t want this to happen and I generally don’t want the users to be able to swipe back to go to their previous screen because it is confusing. Is there any way to disable the “swipe back” mode?

Find app here if you want



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