Problem with the stripe in the payment

As you can see, Brazil has it’s own testing card…

A real card will not work in the stripe test mode, it must be in live mode for the real card to work,

Okay. I’ll try it with this test card you sent. But about the real card, I don’t know why it doesn’t work, I disabled the test mode on Adalo and Stripe in order to use the real card, but it doesn’t work. this message appears that ta in the print.

do i have to do something else to work in real mode?

Have you checked to see if your type of card is accepted by Stripe in Brazil?

yes, it has an accepted flag, I tested it with another card I have here, and it didn’t work either.

What currency type have you setup in the Stripe settings on Adalo?

Real the initials is BRL

Am sorry Trov, I think I am all out of solutions. Maybe worth submitting a support ticket with Adalo and see if they can be of any further assistance. You can do that here Submit a Support Ticket

Sorry I couldn’t solve this one for you

alright, i already sent a support ticket for them to help me. Thank you for your attention.

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