Problem with two linked dropdown

like i said in the title, i have this two dropdown to chose a category and a subcategory.
I use an external collection to get the records and i have tested the endpoint for long time so, i’m sure that the set of results is correct.

For the subcategory i pass the param to get the filtered list but when i test it in the preview the subcategory only show the same result for each item received.
(Es. i chose a category with 3 different subcategories x,y,z and the dropdown have 3 x )

After that when i change category, the dropdown with sub append to the previous set the new set.
(Es. i chose a new category with 5 different subcategories a,b,c,d,f and the sub dropdown have the 3 x plus the 5 new subcategories).
Any suggestion? has anyone been in my situation? is this a bug of the component?

Hi @FabioAdaloC ,

I rarely use dropdown, but you can find more information about their behaviour here,

For current unselected issue, you can find the replacement here,