Problems Populating Custom List

Hello adalo gurus,

I have a table called Impact on areas, which is linked to several other tables, like users, areas, list of impacts, risks etc.

Here is the screenshot of tables…

Now, the problem is I want to have a custom list which will show me Area Name, Area Weight and a dropdown to show list of all impacts (and auto select which impact value user has already selected) Can anyone help with that?

The custom list is not showing final results properly. This is what I get to see

It does not show area and area weight. When I am trying to set it up the menu does not show me area and area weight fields in left menu…

Hi @abdullahshahidd,

The properties called Area Weight and Area Name are stored in the Area collection right? If the relationship between the Area collection is One to Many you can access like Area’s > Weight, Name but if it’s Many to Many you need a list to show that areas inside of the impact on area record.

So you can make the text component a list by clicking three dots on top and make list and then you can connect it to the Areas collection and filter it for current impact on area and add name and weight from magic text!

For the drop-down, does the Impact relationship is empty?

Thank you

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