Problems whit action links

Hey there, is’t my first time to create such a thing like no code app and i must said i like it, but now i get stuck. I would like to make a rule for filtering. My idea is to make a list of farmer that are having a specific product. Some farmers having carrots and other product and some farmers don’t have carrots. So my problem is when i choice only carrots i would like to have a list of farmer that have carrots and those how have not, are not in the list. Please help me whit some solution. A have tried whit clic actions option but i don’t now if this is the right tool to make such a filter. Is the problem maybe in the database relationship? Thanks to all.

Hey GregaMC,

I suggest you to take a look at Sorting and Filtering Lists - Adalo Resources
I hope this helps.


Hey Klaus, thank your for your advice, but i found some other solution whit same result.