Problems with dropdown menu used as data for filters

If I use a dropdown menu to select a value that I need as a filter, if I don’t select anything the filter should be ignored and return all the records, instead it returns nothing, or rather, it keeps spinning the hourglass indefinitely. What value does a dropdown menu with no selection return?

Hi @emanuele1964,

Interesting - several months ago there was a change, when the item is not selected - this means that the filter isn’t applied, so all items should be displayed.
Just checked - works in my apps perfectly. I use dropdown to select a value for a filter, and use “contains” condition for a filter on a list.

Could you share how did you set up your app?

Just in case - there is a workaround with 2 lists based on visibility conditions, but first it’ll be interesting to understand what’s going on in your case.


I think I had this with dates, needed to prefill empty date fields in the database to overcome.
Similar trouble with true/false fields, they were always getting imported in CSV in the inverse.

So do a couple tests by changing the raw data too.

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