Show all records in list when filter is deselected

I have a list that displays records based on a filter. I want the list to display ALL records in the collection when no filter is imposed.

I have tried a workaround of this by putting two lists on top of each other: One list with a visibility condition of “visible if selected name is equal to empty” (the show all list) and one list with the conditoon of “visible if selected is equal to dropdown menu select” and with a filter of show records that are equal to the selected row in the dropdown menu (the show filtered records list). This workaround technically works, but has led to severe visual issues, as attached below:

This is how I have set up the two lists with visibility conditions:

If anyone can assist in solving this, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I think using ‘contains’ instead of ‘equal to’ will solve this issue without the need for anything else.

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