Filtering a list showing everything when is deselected

I want to show all the items of my list when there is no option selected to filter.
What happens now is that the list is blank when nothing has been selected.

Thank you in advanced

Hi Eugenio,

Could you take a screen recording of the problem you are having? It’s hard to help when I am looking at a sentence. :slight_smile:


Thank you James,

In this example I select VISITAR, and 3 items are showing at the bottom.

In this example i did not select any item, and its not showing anything. And what i want is that when notihing is selected it shows everything.

I don’t really know if that’s possible, I would submit a ticket and chat with the support team and see if it’s possible.

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Hi @eugenio ,

Have another list with visibility if selected is empty, this list use no filter.


Thank you, yes i did that in an other screen to solve it.

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I found a problem with making two lists.
It happens that I use like 5 different filters, so to make it work I must include at least 5 different screens with a combination of filters to get the result i need.

How usually works is initially display all the records and when you select something on any filter(s) the list will be shortened showing just what you selected.

Hi @eugenio ,

In my case, I use 2 conditional lists in the same screen,

You can take a look at here,

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